ARC Review: Spotlight by Eden Finley

Happy Friday, my friends, we have finally made it to the weekend! My weeks lately have become more and more front heavy so by the time the end of the week rolls around, I am ready to sleep for 29383 hours. Alas.

Today, I’m sharing a review for Spotlight by Eden Finley, book 2 in her Famous series, which was released yesterday. You can check it out here on Kindle Unlimited!

The series is very loosely connected to her Fake Dating series through Harley Valentine, Jet’s ex-boyfriend who makes an appearance in Hat Trick, and has his own book and love story in Pop Star, book 1. Spotlight features one of Harley’s bandmates and friends, Ryder Kennedy, who falls in love with aspiring artist and nanny to Ryder’s young daughter, Lyric Jones.

The story is told in Finley’s typical dual first person POV, with chapters alternating between Lyric and Ryder’s perspectives. It is a great mix of sweet and steamy with very little angst, especially given the forbidden/secret romance tropes. Lyric is hired by Ryder as a nanny for his young daughter Kaylee, who he’s desperately tried to protect from the media. He’s left behind Eleven and game in order to seek out a quiet life with his daughter, but when he hears Lyric sing, he can’t let it go. Lyric has a couple of hang-ups when it comes to fame, and he refused to compromise his artistic integrity by taking Ryder up on his offer to produce for him, but slowly, the two fall in love and learn how to work out their anxieties together. The characters are all likeable and well-developed, and one of my favorite things about this book was that they actually TALK to each other about their concerns and worries (the miscommunication trope in romance kills me). While everything did seem like it fell together just a little too neatly (is that my cynical side coming out?), Spotlight was a charming and enjoyable addition to the Famous series, and I can’t wait to read what comes next! I definitely recommend this to all Eden Finley and romance fans.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thanks to Foreword PR for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

What do you think of this month’s picks? Have you read any of the books? Let me know in a comment below or find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads)!

With love, Pei

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