Illumicrate Night Circus Unboxing

Hello friends! How’s everybody doing this spooky month? Who else is in disbelief that the month (and the year?!) are coming to a close? I was sent this gorgeous Night Circus box as part of my Illumicrate rep term and I am so in love! My rep term is coming to an end this month,Continue reading “Illumicrate Night Circus Unboxing”

Illumicrate August Unboxing

Hello friends! Today is the start of the Illumicrate August photo challenge and what better time than to share my full unboxing? Illumicrate is working through their waitlist and you can use my code pei5 for an extra discount on 3 and 6 month subscriptions! August Theme: Dark Academia This month’s book is Tori Bovalino’sContinue reading “Illumicrate August Unboxing”

June and July Illumicrate Unboxings

Hello friends! I’ve been slacking on taking unboxing photos lately but July was my first month as an Illumicrate rep and I snapped some photos of this absolutely gorgeous box. They’re currently on a waitlist system and you can sign up here. Once you get onto the subscription list, you can use my code PEI5Continue reading “June and July Illumicrate Unboxings”

May Unboxings! OwlCrate, FairyLoot, and Illumicrate

Guuuuuess who got off the Illumicrate waitlist! It’s me, ya girl, the one with the book box problem. Anyways May was a great month for these boxes and I’m excited to share my unboxing photos with you! OwlCrate May: Expect the Unexpected This month’s book is The Ones We’re Meant to Find by Joan He,Continue reading “May Unboxings! OwlCrate, FairyLoot, and Illumicrate”

March FairyLoot & OwlCrate Unboxings

Hello friends! Bringing you some March unboxings today. How’s everybody been doing? I’ve recently gotten back into American Idol and have been going down an old video rabbit hole. Whew, there are some INCREDIBLE performances out there! FairyLoot: Frozen Fables To be honest, I was a little on the fence about whether I’d skip thisContinue reading “March FairyLoot & OwlCrate Unboxings”

February FairyLoot Unboxing

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my February FairyLoot boxing. I ended up skipping OwlCrate and Bookish Box for the month, so no February unboxings for those. February Theme: What the Future Holds The month’s book is This Golden Flame by Emily Victoria. The Fairyloot version features maroon sprayed edges, exclusive foiling on the hardcover, anContinue reading “February FairyLoot Unboxing”

January OwlCrate Unboxing

Hello friends! January’s OwlCrate was the first subscription box I got in the new year and I absolutely loved it, so fingers crossed for a good year to come! I’m trying to be a lot pickier with only choosing boxes I’m interested in because these books and items really pile up… I’ll be organizing aContinue reading “January OwlCrate Unboxing”

October, November, and December OwlCrate Unboxings

Whew, a three in one post! I’ve been slacking on my unboxing posts but my shelves have slowly been filling up with some gorgeous special editions. I’m trying to be more picky about the crates I receive in 2021 though, because I am seriously falling behind in my TBR haha! October: Legends and Lore ThisContinue reading “October, November, and December OwlCrate Unboxings”

September OwlCrate Unboxing

Full spoilers ahead for the September 2020 OwlCrate box! September Theme: A Glorious Haunting Oh my gosh, this was my favorite box yet. This box absolutely. nailed it with the aesthetic spooky vibes and I am obsessed. First off, we’ve got an exclusive and signed edition of Horrid by Katrina Leno with a revamped colorContinue reading “September OwlCrate Unboxing”

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