Illumicrate Night Circus Unboxing

Hello friends! How’s everybody doing this spooky month? Who else is in disbelief that the month (and the year?!) are coming to a close?

I was sent this gorgeous Night Circus box as part of my Illumicrate rep term and I am so in love! My rep term is coming to an end this month, but you’ve still got time to use my code pei5 to save on 3 and 6 month subs. This box was a special edition, available for subscribers and general sale in addition to their usual monthly boxes.

This special edition of The Night Circus is signed and features striped stenciled edges, an exclusive foil and quote design on the naked hardcover, special endpages, a ribbon bookmark, and a bound-in author letter. They really went all out with this book!

The first item was the gorgeous Tea for One set designed by ChattyNora. This set comes with the teapot, large cup, and saucer. Next we have a hanging art poster with art by Sylvia Bi and foiled art print by Noverantale. There is also a lovely book tin with art by Rosie Thorns, a gold enamel bookmark, and large enamel pocket watch pin designed by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt with moving parts!

My favorite item is probably this tea set, which has such a gorgeous design and is the perfect size for one! The only “flaw” is that it’s so pretty that I’m scared to use it too much haha! The teapot fits right over the cup for easy storage and also looks great on my bookshelf on display. (Also, check out those gorgeous edges in the background! The black and white is so striking!)

What do you think of this box? Have you read this book? Let me know in a comment below or find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads)!

With love, Pei

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