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TTT: Books I Read in One Sitting

Happy Tuesday my friends! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt is about books I devoured. In no particular order…

1. The Last Sun by KD Edwards So, everybody knows about my love for this book, but my origin story? I was puppy sitting for a friend and had just gotten this book off hold at the library, which I’d requested purely based off of that stunning cover art. The puppy cried all night long but no worries, because I was up with this book! My head hurt from the sleep deprivation but I couldn’t stop reading. This is just book 1 in a thrilling urban fantasy series with book 2, The Hanged Man, released in December 2019 and book 3, The Hourglass Throne, on its way!

2. Fragile Remedy by Maria Ingrande Mora I happened upon the street team sign ups for this book by chance, decided to sign up, and I am so glad I did. Maria sent out widgets for e-arcs and I decided to sit down and take a look at the first few chapters.. A few hours and many tears later, I was done. What a book, oh my gosh. If you’re looking for a queer found family story in a dystopian world, look no further for the world’s most endearing cast.

3. This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone I’d heard so much about this book and was so scared to read it (you know when everybody loves a book and you hate it?) but decided to check it out once while I was in a reading slump since it’d be a fast read… The beginning was a little hard for me to get into but a few pages later, I was hooked. This was one of the most unique books I’ve ever read and it holds so much special meaning to me as well. I can’t recommend this book enough.

4. A Fashionable Indulgence by KJ Charles KJ Charles was one of the first authors I read when I first discovered the world of queer fiction after emerging from years and years of academic texts. The Society of Gentlemen series is a regency romance that follows the stories of various pairs in a group of friends, and is so wonderfully queer, romantic, and steamy. My favorite is actually the last, A Gentleman’s Position. In addition to this series, Charles is also the author of The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal, one of my all time favorites, which I also devoured in one sitting.

5. The Disasters by MK England This book was so much fun! I had gotten a box of books from BookOutlet to paint and after painting, you have to separate the pages. I figured I’d read it while I was unsticking page by page and was absolutely hooked by this fast paced queer space adventure. It was a really quick and enjoyable read and the author has hinted at a sequel/companion novel that I would definitely love to read.

6. Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao I read the words ‘Taiwanese American fake dating romcom’ and was hooked. Also, that cover? Absolutely adorable! This book was so fun, dramatic, and cheesy, just what you’d expect from a good romcom. I loved all the cultural references mixed in and I really related to both MCs.

7. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall I feel like I don’t gush about this book nearly enough given how much I enjoyed it. I’d read several of Hall’s works prior to this and when I read the description for this one (you know I’m a sucker for the fake dating shenanigans), I had to check it out. It’s absolutely hilarious and I just snickered softly to myself the whole time reading it. It’s quite wholesome and sweet as well, in a slightly unexpected but very welcome way. I highly, highly recommend this one!

8. She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen Hello, sapphic enemies-to-lovers romcom of my dreams. This book is fun, cheesy, and yet personal and introspective. It’s sweet and the characters are so endearing and likeable. This was a fairly quick read because Quindlen’s writing is so engaging and easy to read, though in the year 2021, I could’ve done without the constant Ginny Weasley references. I definitely want to check out Quindlen’s other books!

9. Ravensong by TJ Klune While I also read Wolfsong, book 1 of the Green Creek series, in one sitting, I really wanted to highlight this one because wow. This book broke me. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it after Wolfsong, which was hefty, but I really loved this one and it didn’t feel like the 5203942034 pages it probably is (I read this as an ebook so it truly was a bajillion pages). This is one of those books where, while I don’t know if I will ever read it again, is definitely very, very special.

10. I’m not going to name the book but you know when a book is so bad that you can’t believe you’re spending your time reading it but simultaneously you need to read the whole thing so you can properly say something about it? Yeah. Those books. They happen every now and then. Rage-reading is as real thing. I’ve got a couple of them hahaha. While I wish I could fall madly in love with every single book I read, it unfortunately isn’t the case. What can you do?

Have you read any of these books? Let me know in a comment below or find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads)!

With love, Pei

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