Review: She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

The cover of She Drives Me Crazy which features Scottie (left) in her basketball uniform back-to-back and holding hands with Irene (rigiht) in her cheerleading uniform with a crowd of other characters in the background.

She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen came out April 20th (and then I accidentally scheduled this post for MAY 20th and just realized my mistake) and is a contemporary YA novel. You can pick up a copy from Indigo here or your favorite book retailer! I received an e-ARC through Netgalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Content warnings (may contain spoilers, may be incomplete, please highlight to view): Bullying, homophobia, underage drinking and overconsumption, underage recreational drug use, vomiting, public humiliation, manipulation, emotionally abusive past relationships

This book was just SO. MUCH. FUN. If you’re looking for some sapphic enemies-to-lovers fake dating shenanigans, look no further because this book is perfection.

Scottie, our MC and POV character, is trying to get over her ex Tally, who dumped her when she moved to their rival school in the glitzier neighboring town. After a disastrous basketball game where Scottie’s team loses spectacularly to Tally’s, Scottie finds herself in a fender bender with her nemesis, head cheerleader Irene. Irene is popular, put-together, and Scottie’s opposite in many ways, so when the two of them are forced to carpool after the accident, heads turn and Scottie hatches a fake dating plan to use that attention to get back at Tally.

In addition to the overarching fake dating plot, this book delves into the grief and painful healing process after a toxic relationship. Scottie’s struggles with getting over her ex are heartbreakingly relatable and messy, and her journey throughout the book is flawed but her character learns from her mistakes and tries to be better. My heart goes out to Irene, whose true character is slowly revealed as Scottie gets to know her, and their evolving relationship is so sweet. Quindlen’s writing is easy to follow and the dialogue between the characters flows easily. The banter isn’t forced and made me laugh out loud at several points.

Overall, it’s funny, cheesy, dramatic, and absolutely one of my new favorites. I definitely want to check out Quindlen’s other books!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Enjoyment: 4.5/5
Execution: 4.5/5
Overall rating: 4.5/5

What do you think of this month’s picks? Have you read any of the books? Let me know in a comment below or find me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads)!

With love, Pei

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