February wrap-up!

I know February is the shortest month of the year, but my mind is still 🤯 when March arrives. February was an action-packed month, with the launching of this blog and getting more into the bookstagram scene! If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to connect with you! You can find me @peireads.

Also, joke’s on me because I thought my wrap up for the month would be short because we had less days, but guess who read even more than she did in January?! Honestly, I was surprised by my total count (15 + 1 short) given that I also binged Next in Fashion… Twice. (Please, if you haven’t watched it…………)

Book Reviews of February (in order read):

The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu – 4.25/5⭐
At a glance: The blood fever has left few survivors, many of whom are children with strange markings, some of whom have mysterious powers. They call themselves the Young Elites, and Adelina Amoutero is one of them.
Thoughts: A spellbinding dark fantasy about a girl rising up and discovering power after a lifetime of having been beaten down again and again. Absolutely thrilling but I had difficulty liking Adelina until book 2, and most of the story is told from her point of view
. On the other hand, I’m in love with almost every side character!
See my full Goodreads review for the individual books here, here, and here.

Whyborne & Griffin books #3.5-7 by Jordan L. Hawk – 5/5⭐
At a glance:
Remnant (3.5): A short novella co-written with KJ Charles where Simon and Robert must team up with Whyborne and Griffin.
Necropolis (4): A mysterious discovery sends Whyborne and Griffin to Christine’s aid in Egypt.
Bloodline (5): Secrets about Whyborne’s family and bloodline are revealed.
Hoarfrost (6): The trio journeys to the arctic to save Griffin’s brother from unleashing an ancient evil.
Maelstrom (7): A mysterious codex is donated to the museum and Whyborne must race to uncover its secrets before another murderous cult gets its hands on it.
Thoughts: More thrilling installations in this incredible series! If you’re a fan of queer historical paranormal romance, please give this a try. All the main characters are desperately endearing and complex, and the mysteries are well written.

.Goodreads reviews to come!

Everything is Beautiful, and I’m Not Afraid: A Baopu Collection by Yao Xiao – 5/5⭐
At a glance: A graphic novel exploring identity and belonging as a queer Chinese-American based on the author’s personal experiences. Baopu is a monthly comic available on Audostraddle.
Thoughts: An achingly personal and heartbreaking collection filled with beautiful illustrations. This is not a light read; Yao Xiao touches on many heavy topics such as bigotry, racism, and fat-shaming, but in such a delicate manner.

See my full Goodreads review here.

This Is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender – 2/5⭐
At a glance: Nathan Bird has a lot on his mind, such as his best-friend-ex-girlfriend, his relationship with his mother after his father died, and the unexpected appearance of childhood friend, Oliver James Hernandez, not to mention the feelings it dredges up.
Thoughts: A diverse rom-com-esque story about high school love and all its intricacies. While sweet and interspersed with moments of levity, the main character is rather unpleasant. Additionally, a lot of the conflict centers around cheating and so much miscommunication that it made my head spin.
See my full Goodreads review here.

Bonds of Brass (The Bloodright Trilogy, #1) by Emily Skrutskie – 5/5⭐
At a glance: Ettian Nassun is left picking up the pieces of his life after the invasion of the Umber Empire, and now, he’s the best pilot in his class at the Umber military academy. Unfortunately, he then finds himself on the run with his best friend, Gal Veres, who is exposed as the Umber heir after a failed assassination attempt.
Thoughts: I barely have the words to express how much I adored this book. It was exciting, dramatic, romantic, and everything I’ve ever wanted from a space adventure. I will note that the book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I absolutely can’t wait for book 2!

Expected publication: April 7, 2020
See my full Goodreads review here.

The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales from Verania, #1) by TJ Klune – 2.75/5⭐
At a glance: Sam Haversford is apprentice to the King’s Wizard and still learning to control his magic, but on a zany quest with his misfit gang of friends to save the Prince, he discovers his Cornerstone.
Thoughts: This book unfortunately was not for me. The humor was much too crass (SOmany jokes about dicks and poop) and over the top for my liking. Additionally, the pacing was slow and the writing repetitive, despite the occasional poignant scene.
See my full Goodreads review here.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell – 4/5⭐
At a glance: Simon Snow is the Chosen One, but has about as much control over his magic as one does a volcano. His rival and roommate has gone missing, magic is being sucked out of different areas in London, his mentor is avoiding him, and his girlfriend has broken up with him. How could things get any worse?
Thoughts: Slow start to an engaging fantasy with a cast of interesting characters. The first 30-40% of the book was way too Harry Potter for me, but once the story picks up, it goes in a completely different direction.

See my full Goodreads review here.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune – 4.5/5⭐
At a glance: Caseworker Linus Baker has been mysteriously summoned by Extremely Upper Management for a confidential mission and finds himself being sent to a beautiful island to assess the care of 6 mysterious children residing at the orphanage. We have a gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, a were-Pomeranian, and the Antichrist, not to mention the equally mysterious caretaker.
Thoughts: Absolutely lovely and heartbreaking. A heart-warming story that would appeal to a wide age group. This is the kind of book you want to read after a bad day, curled up in bed with a good cup of tea, and it hits you with a sense of longing, melancholy, and hope.
Expected publication: March 17, 2020

See my full Goodreads review here.

Feverwake duology by Victoria Lee – 4.5/5⭐
At a glance: The Fever King (1) and The Electric Heir (2) take place in a future where a deadly fever leaves behind magic and few survivors. Noam Alvaro is one of them and he finds himself going from barely scraping a living to being mentored as part of the country’s magical elite, where he comes to the attention of the minister of defense, and his son.
Thoughts: Feverwake threw me to the ground, stomped all over me and my fragile heart, then kicked me a couple times in the stomach for good measure. I loved this series so much that I wrote a more comprehensive series review on it here!

Expected publication for The Electric Heir: March 17, 2020
Content warnings (spoiler-free) here.

Lastly, I wanted to give a special shout-out to Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams, which is expected to come out June 9, 2020. It’s described as The Handmaid’s Tale meets Wilder Girls, and essentially sounds amazing. Although I haven’t gotten the chance to read it yet, I did receive some beautiful bookmarks and stickers for it! You can sign up for Kelly’s newsletter here for a chance to get some of your own.

And that’s a wrap! Moving forward into March, we’ve got some really exciting new releases (see above!) and lots more on my TBR to tackle. Currently, I’m working on Tarnished Are The Stars by Rosiee Thor, Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell, and The Ninth Life by Taylor B. Barton, with loads more in the queue. What are you currently reading?

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